Commercial Services

Professional Network of Techs & Installers:

  • Diversity of low voltage solutions
  • RFID Access Control – Installs, Maintenance and Service
  • Installation and service of POS Systems for Hospitality
  • Installation and service of IP-based property management systems (PMS)
  • You don't have to worry about hidden charges & service fees. We work with you on install & service rates, so you always know what you're charged.
  • We average a turnaround time of 24-36 hours on service calls, providing you with fast resolution to any system problems you may have.
  • Our technicians handle both service & installs, which allows you to dedicate your time & attention to your business.
  • Our techs handle both installations and service calls
  • We work with you on national install and service rates so you always know what your being charged
  • Skilled at national roll outs with many under our belt
  • Security Systems – Installs, Maintenance and Service
  • Surveillance/CCTV Systems – Installs, Maintenance and Service
  • POS – Installs, Maintenance and Service 
  • IP Bandwidth/Cable – Installs and Service of IP and Analog configurations for voice and data
  • Wireless LANS/Private/Public Hotspots - installs maintenance & service
  • Intercom and nurse call systems

A Few of Our Customers

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