Preventive Maintenance

Priority-One Preventive Maintenance

Our technicians are highly skilled professionals in the complete process of maintaining all aspects of low voltage equipment installations and applications, while providing physical barrier equipment to keep your site operating efficiently and effectively.

1Choice Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all of your preventive maintenance and equipment servicing needs. We maintain and upgrade a wide variety of electronic RFID, POS, hospitality guest management technologies, and electronic security equipment. Our staff are experts on a wide variety of technologies and equipment used across industries that require strong security measures.

We can customize service programs to meet your specific needs – whether they are for a one-time special project service or ongoing, regular maintenance. Our project management, technical and service teams deliver.

We specialize in providing centrally managed solutions for our customers, both big and small, across the United States. Our directly employed field technicians and operatives provide national coverage with regional and local knowledge. We deliver both ongoing services and one-off special projects.