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Video Surveillance

At 1Choice Solutions we specialize in financial center technology maintenance, service and installations and national roll out services for multi-location companies nationwide. We take pride ourselves on the commitment of providing the highest quality solutions and services. Through our unique service program, we are able to offer cost effective physical and electric labor solutions and support with national rates stabilizing your costs

1Choice Solutions has spent the last 11 years building our network of in-house service technicians and installers.
  • Our techs handle both service and instsalls
  • We work with you on national install and service rates so you always know what you're being charged
  • Average of 24-36 hour turn around on service calls
  • Skilled at national roll outs with many under our belt


  • Security Systems - Installs, Maintenance, and Service
  • Surveillance/CCTV Systems - Installs - Maintenance and Service
  • Access Control - Installs and Service
  • POS - Installs - Maintenance - Service
  • IP/Bandwidth/Cable - Installs and service of IP and Analog configurations for voice and data
  • Wireless - LANS - Private - Public Hotspots - Installs, Maintenance, Service
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